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Craggle is a mediator

Stop struggling to get a better rate by yourself; Craggle combines the people-power of Australians, and negotiates better personalised rates for all.

About Us

(hint: we’re all about YOU!)

Craggle is built around a simple vision: to inspire a world where everyone gets a Fair Go.

When we all work together (we call it ‘Crowd Haggling’), with good intent, a better way opens up for all.

Our promise is that we will always be an impartial mediator and champion a Fair Go for all. We’d love all Aussies to be part of Craggle; when you hop onboard you are part of a new way to get a better deal. Join us!

Meet our Founders

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Luke Oxley

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Ben Baume

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Ben and Luke have over 35 years combined experience in Financial Services, including extensive experience in Home Lending within major banks.

Craggle was born out of their deep expertise and understanding that customers have few options and little bargaining power if they want a fairer rate on their home loan.

Our Values

Strong Shoulders

We’re here to simply help empower Aussies to get a Fair Go. That means we seek out opportunities to help at every opportunity. We stand firm, encouraging all to ‘stand on our shoulders’ as they climb up toward a better way.

In it Together

We believe in the power of people, and are committed to creating a community movement that not only empowers individuals on mass but encourages sharing, advice and the greater good.

Twitchy Ears

We listen. Really listen! We’re always open to new and better ways. We’re here to listen to ideas and opportunities for more Fair Go categories. We work hard to listen to all sides and mediate a way that means everyone is heard and helped.

Your Questions Answered
What is a ‘Craggle Event’?
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Are people in the same Craggle Event able to see each other's information?
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What happens if one person rejects a Bank's offer, do they ruin it for everyone?
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Is Craggle safe?
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What are Craggle's costs to me?
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Why is Craggle better than other options?
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