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7 News Exclusive: People Powered Approach To Home Loans

7 News Reporter, Jackie Quirst, shed light on Craggle's revolutionary approach to using collective bargaining to negotiate better interest rates with banks.

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The Australian home loan market was recently taken by storm as Craggle featured in a 7 News Exclusive. Australia's most-watched news program described Craggle as a "people-powered platform" that is redefining how mortgage holders can reduce their loan costs and gain more financial freedom.

The Spotlight: What 7 News Had to Say

The opening of the exclusive segment set the tone: "A new people-powered platform is helping Australian mortgage holders cut their home loan costs. The service uses collective bargaining to pressure banks to lower their rates," said the 7 News. Jackie Quist elaborated, "It's the latest way to secure home loan savings. A new crowd-haggling platform called Craggle acts on behalf of bank customers, using people power to obtain better deals—typically rates that can't be found on websites or aren't advertised elsewhere."

Real Stories: How Craggle Has Helped Australians

Mark Williams, a Craggle customer who is semi-retired, spoke about his experience: "We're 1.14% better off which pretty much cancelled out the last three of the Reserve Bank rises." Williams further stated that his interest rate was slashed from 7.38% to an under-the-average rate of 6.24% thanks to Craggle. "A pressure release" Mark added.

How Craggle Works

"Craggle groups individual bank customers together then gives lenders a chance to retain them with better deals while seeking refinancing options elsewhere," Jackie Quist explained. This sentiment was confirmed by Luke Oxley, the Co-Founder & CEO of Craggle, who highlighted a case where a school teacher from the Gold Coast saved about 1% on their Home Loan through Craggle, equating to an incredible $900 per month, or about $268,000 over his remaining loan term.

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Expert Opinions

Taylor Blackburn from Finder affirmed Craggle's beneficial impact: "They're doing the hard yards for you, so you don't have a lot to lose. So it's an interesting prospect. We're all for anything that helps people save money."

The Bigger Picture

The feature on 7 News couldn't have been timelier. With interest rate rises adding almost $15,000 a year to the average home loan, Craggle is not only timely but imperative for anyone looking to navigate the turbulent waters of home loans.

In a world where everyone deserves a fair go, Craggle is leading the charge by making a real difference to the well-being of home loan holders across Australia. As refinancing options explode amidst the rising interest rates, Craggle is here to provide Australians the fairness they deserve.

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