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How to Get Free Property Valuation for Owners and Buyers

Discover the benefits of free desktop valuations for buying, selling, and refinancing homes—optimise your property strategy today!

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In the complex world of property ownership, understanding the value of your property is paramount, especially when considering financial decisions like refinancing or purchasing your first home. Desktop valuations, a modern approach to property appraisal, offer a quick, cost-effective way to estimate a property's value without the need for an on-site visit by a valuer. This digital solution is particularly beneficial in the fast-paced real estate market, where timely and efficient decision-making can save or cost thousands of dollars.

What is a Desktop Valuation

A desktop valuation estimates a property's value using historical sales data and records, without a physical inspection. It’s quicker and less costly but may be less accurate than in-person appraisals.


Property valuations are a critical element of the mortgage and home loan application processes. They provide a lender with confidence in the property being financed and help determine the borrowing capacity for home buyers or the refinancing amount for current homeowners. With the rise of technology in real estate, desktop valuations have become a popular tool, especially appealing for those looking to refinance their home loan or first home buyers eager to enter the market.

Desktop valuations utilise a range of data including recent sales, property listings, and historical data, all processed through sophisticated algorithms to estimate the value of a property. This method is not only quicker but often less expensive than traditional valuations—and sometimes, it's even offered for free by certain platforms and lenders focusing on the market.

In this article, we'll explore what desktop valuations are, how you can access them for free, and integrate them into your financing strategies to potentially better your mortgage rate or home loan rate. Whether you're a first-time home buyer or looking to refinance, understanding how to leverage free desktop valuations can provide a significant advantage.

Understanding Desktop Valuations

Definition and Distinction from Traditional Valuations

In the simplest terms, a desktop valuation is an appraisal of a property's value performed remotely, using various data sources, without a physical inspection of the property. This method stands in contrast to traditional valuations, where a certified valuer physically examines the property to assess its condition and features.

Desktop valuations are primarily driven by data analytics and digital tools. They rely on extensive databases that include property transaction histories, current market trends, area demographics, and comparative sales in the vicinity. This data is then analysed using algorithms to provide an estimated market value of the property.

Tools and Technologies Used

Several advanced technologies power desktop valuations. Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Automated Valuation Models (AVM), and real-time data feeds play critical roles. These technologies enable the valuation model to be both dynamic and reflective of current market conditions, essential in a market as vibrant as Australia's where property prices can fluctuate significantly based on local and national economic indicators.

Accuracy and Reliability

While desktop valuations offer a quick snapshot, they are generally considered less accurate than a full valuation due to the lack of physical inspection. However, for many homeowners and buyers, especially in clear-cut cases and stable markets, desktop valuations provide a sufficiently accurate estimate. This makes them particularly useful for initial assessments in refinancing scenarios or preliminary analyses for first-time buyers who are scouting multiple properties.

Benefits of Desktop Valuations for Homeowners

Desktop valuations offer several advantages that can be particularly beneficial for homeowners and potential buyers. These include:

Speed and Efficiency

One of the most significant advantages of desktop valuations is their speed. Traditional property valuations can take several days to complete, requiring scheduling with a valuer who must visit the property. In contrast, desktop valuations can be completed instantly in most cases and only requires the address of the property. This rapid turnaround is invaluable, especially for those looking to make quick decisions in a competitive market or needing immediate estimates for refinancing applications.


Another key benefit is cost. Traditional valuations can be costly, given they involve physical inspections and detailed reports by licensed professionals. Desktop valuations, however, minimise these overhead costs by leveraging digital data and automated processes. For homeowners and buyers mindful of expenses, or those frequently reassessing property values for investment purposes, the savings can be significant.

Decision-Making Role

Desktop valuations provide a reliable estimate of property value, which is crucial for making informed decisions. Whether you are a first-time home buyer evaluating potential homes or a current homeowner considering refinancing due to changes in mortgage rates, having a quick and approximate value of your property helps gauge your options more effectively. This is particularly true in Australia, where mortgage rates and property laws can vary between states and territories, affecting the overall decision-making process.

How to Access Free Desktop Valuations

Securing a free desktop valuation can be straightforward if you know where to look. Here are some practical ways to obtain these valuations at no cost:

From Lenders and Mortgage Brokers

Most banks and large mortgage broker groups offer free desktop valuations as part of their services to attract potential clients. While this can be a great way to obtain a quick valuation, be aware that you'll typically need to provide contact details such as an email address and phone number. Depending on where you are in your property financing journey, receiving follow-up communications can either be helpful or somewhat intrusive.

Online Platforms Offering Free Services

Several online platforms specialise in real estate analytics and offer free desktop valuation services. A standout recommendation is By creating a free online account with them, which notably doesn't require a phone number, you can access property valuations powered by their valuation service, Proptrack. A rising number of Australian banks have begun using Proptrack as their primary source for desktop valuations when assessing home loan applications. If banks are trusting it to lend money, the quality and reliability of the valuations must be commendable.

How Property Valuation Tools Can Benefit You

Property valuation tools are invaluable in different real estate scenarios, each tailored to specific needs and outcomes. Here’s how they can benefit users:

Looking to Purchase a Property

For those in the market to buy a property, valuation tools are crucial. They provide an estimate of the expected sale price, which helps in budgeting and negotiating. More than just price, these tools offer insights into the area—such as the number of schools, shopping centres, and public transport options. They also show similar properties for sale nearby, giving potential buyers a comprehensive understanding of the neighbourhood and its real estate dynamics.

Want to Save on Your Existing Home Loan

Homeowners seeking to reduce their mortgage payments can benefit significantly from property valuation tools. These tools help in understanding how much the property value has increased, which can improve the loan-to-value ratio (LVR). A lower LVR reduces the risk profile to lenders, potentially leading to better mortgage rates. This is especially useful when negotiating better terms with existing lenders or shopping around for new financing options.

Exploring Property Investment

For aspiring property investors, valuation tools are essential. They allow users to assess the financial viability of a property, including potential rental yields and the market's rental demand. Understanding amenities nearby and the general desirability of the location helps in projecting the property's attractiveness to future tenants and its long-term capital growth.

Considering Selling

When it’s time to sell, knowing the right price and the market conditions is key. Property valuation tools provide sellers with an up-to-date estimate of their property's worth, information on local market trends, median sales values, and recent sales data. This information helps in setting a competitive price and understanding the potential time on market, ensuring sellers are well-prepared to enter the market.


Property valuations, particularly desktop valuations, have become indispensable in the Australian real estate landscape. These tools provide not just speed and cost-efficiency but also crucial insights that guide homeowners, buyers, and investors through various stages of property decision-making. Whether you are contemplating buying your first home, looking to save on your existing mortgage, considering property investment, or planning to sell, desktop valuation tools equip you with the necessary data to make informed choices.

For those looking to access these tools for free, remember that many banks and large mortgage broker groups offer desktop valuations at no cost, albeit usually in exchange for your contact details. For a more discreet option, platforms like, through their Proptrack service, offer a robust and reliable valuation tool that doesn't require a phone number and is trusted by banks for lending decisions.

As the property market continues to evolve, staying informed with the most current valuation data will be key to navigating your real estate journey successfully. Desktop valuations are more than just a convenience; they are a strategic tool in managing your property portfolio or planning your future home purchase. Embrace these technologies, but also consider their limitations and the benefits of supplementing them with professional advice when needed.

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise specified, the opinions expressed in this article are strictly for general informational and entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as financial advice or recommendation. Views are subject to change without notice at any time.

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