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Local Woman Reschedules Family’s Christmas To Follow Boxing Day Sales

Discover 'Bargain Brittany's' clever strategy of celebrating Christmas on Boxing Day for massive savings and her innovative approach to reducing mortgage costs.

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A local woman known only as 'Bargain Brittany' has rearranged her family's Christmas celebrations to coincide with the Boxing Day deals, shaking up the usual festive calendar. Her innovative thought: why pay full price for Christmas when everything is on sale the next day?

Brittany's strategy is simple yet ingenious. While most of us are unwrapping gifts on Christmas Day, Brittany and her family will be strategically planning their Boxing Day shopping spree. "Why just get prawns for half-price on December 26th when you can have your entire Christmas at half-price?" quips Brittany, as she adjusts her Santa hat adorned with price tags.

However, the concept does not sit well with everyone in the family. Her husband, a staunch traditionalist, was initially heard grumbling over his ice cold Travla beer - but he's since warming to the idea, considering he’ll be left home alone to watch the Boxing Day test while the family is fighting the crowds gift shopping. The kids, meanwhile, are just excited about getting presents, regardless of the calendar date.

In the midst of this festive frugality, Brittany stumbled upon Craggle, an innovative Australian platform that empowers homeowners to renegotiate better home loan rates. "I thought, if I can shift Christmas for a bargain, why not shift my mortgage for a better deal as well?" Brittany exclaimed. This realisation changed everything. Brittany learned she could save more than just a few bucks on Christmas crackers by using Craggle; she could potentially save thousands on her mortgage. Brittany said: "Why wait for Boxing Day sales to save money when you can save all year round with Craggle?"

While moving Christmas might not be everyone's cup of tea (or ice cold larger), it's hard to argue with the logic behind it. And for those looking for less drastic ways to reduce the cost of living, Craggle offers a smart, simple solution that doesn't involve rescheduling major holidays.

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