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Man Claims $8,000 Espresso Machine Is Smart Way To Save Money

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Ever met a man who claims he's financially savvy because he buys his shoes in bulk? Well, meet James, a work-from-home warrior who recently splurged on an $8,000 espresso machine. "You see, by avoiding my local barista I'm avoiding unnecessary expenses!" James chuckles, cradling his fourth home-brewed oat latte of the day.

While James is turning his kitchen into a caffeine-fuelled Fort Knox, the rest of us are staring at our monthly home loan repayments, wondering if there are smarter ways to save money that don’t involve artisanal coffee beans and a barista course. Lucky for you, there are, and they don’t require a hefty upfront investment.

1. Refinance Like You're Swiping Right

Thinking about refinancing? Consider it the Tinder of the financial world. You look for a few better options, and if the interest (rate) is mutual, it's a match! Your current bank might not offer you their best rates unless you tell them you’re thinking about seeing other banks. Let’s call it 'keeping the relationship spicy.'

2. Chat to Craggle, Not Your Coffee Machine

While James is busy programming his espresso machine to play "Kumbaya" every morning, you could be talking to Craggle. They're like financial matchmakers and know where to find the loan that’ll sweep you off your feet, without breaking the bank. Sign-up in less time than it takes to make a coffee!

3. Don’t Be a Rate Settler

Are you sticking with your home loan just because it's there? Don't settle, people! Always review your options. With so many fish in the banking sea, there's likely a better rate out there for you. You owe it to yourself to do some window shopping. Just don't end up with another loan you'll need to refinance in two years—James-style. TCC8k button.png

4. Fix a Portion, Not Your Caffeine Addiction

Fixed rates can offer security, but it's smart to only fix a portion of your loan. That way, you can still benefit from potential rate drops while having a safety net. Plus, you won't be stuck explaining to your spouse why you need to pay a break fee bigger than the national debt just to switch lenders.

5. Make Extra Payments, Not Extra Foam

Remember, every little bit counts. If you can manage extra payments here and there, it will reduce your principal amount, making your interest less intimidating. Unlike James’s over-the-top milk frother, this is an investment that will genuinely save you money over time.

So, there you have it! While James sips his 'financial freedom' from a cup that cost more than your first car, you'll be chipping away at your mortgage the smart way. Now, who’s up for some instant coffee?

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are strictly for general informational and entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as financial advice or recommendations.

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